Dancing during Covid and Booster Shot PSA

Dancing during Covid and Boster Shot PSA

Covid 19 Booster Shots are now available for anyone over 18 years old.

At Rhythm Studio we’re keeping a close eye on the Covid-19 epidemic and its impact in Hong Kong. Especially with the new Omicron variant, which seems to require extra protection. While we won’t require students to have taken the shot (at this moment), we still highly recommend you do so as soon as possible. With possible community outbreaks, Higher infection rates, and immunity resistance. This new strain seems to pose some threat to our currently relatively free and healthy lifestyle.

We believe it’s still safe to keep teaching and will continue to support HK Swings socials on Wednesday nights. But should local cases rise, we may decide to cancel classes for everyone’s safety (and making sure we all avoid Penny Bay!). If you have registered and paid for a class already, we will offer refunds for the cycle and if we have to do it in the middle of a class cycle, we will refund you for the missing classes. Rhythm Studio T&C can be found on our website.

For now, we are keeping our upcoming class cycle registration open. (Still looking for some extra Leads to help balance out the class.)

If you want some more information on Covid-19 in Hong Kong. We’re using the advice of experts in the field. One of our main sources is OT&P who are providing regular updates on the situation in Hong Kong. Their latest winter update has a lot of information on Omicron.

Rhythm Studio is dedicated to bringing you classes that you’ll love and enjoy. Have an idea or want something more? Feel free to shoot us a message and we’ll do our best to make it happen. See you in the next class!