New Classes, Fashion Advice, and Dance Comps


New Classes, Fashion Advice, and Dance Comps


First of all, letting you know about our new DISCOVER cycle starting on the 19th of May. We’ll be going over the basics of Lindy Hop and is a great way to get started on this dance. (or review basics if it’s been a while since your last DISCOVER class).


Fashion Advice

For those of you still dancing in socks, or just want to step up your shoe game. We’ve made a page dedicated to help you find the perfect dance shoe. We’ve even managed to get some discount codes for a few stores. Check it out here

Video Feature

There has been a recent competition in France called the Savoy Cup. There were so many amazing competitions and performances that weekend. And it was hard to pick just one of our favourites to show with you today. But here is what we eventually went with.

The Champions Cup is a head-to-head competition with multiple rounds as competitors show off their best sequences and moves to wow the judges. This was just a Semi-Final but saw the reigning champs Nils and Bianca knocked out by one of our new favourite dance couples, Tadas and Pamela. Seriously, give it a watch, you won’t be disappointed.

Rhythm Studio is dedicated to bringing you classes that you’ll love and enjoy. Have an idea or want something more? Feel free to shoot us a message, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. See you in the next class!



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