New Cycle, ILHC, and World Lindy Hop Day


New Cycle, ILHC, and World Lindy Hop Day



Let’s start off the newsletter by letting you know about the upcoming IMPROVE Lindy Hop Cycle starting next week! Suitable for any students who have done one of our DISCOVER cycles or have just a bit of dancing under their belt. We’ll adapt our teaching material to whoever shows up. So you will definitely have a chance to improve your dancing, no matter your level.


World Lindy Hop Day

For those who didn’t know, yesterday (26th May) was World Lindy Hop Day. A great excuse to remember the historic origins of the dance. It also happens to be the Birthday of the great Frankie Manning. One of the founders of the dance and part of why we are still dancing this dance over a hundred years later. Here is a great short history of his life. But if you want to learn a bit more about him and more about the history of the dance itself, I highly recommend reading his self-titled book.

Virtual ILHC

The International Lindy Hop Championships is also using this day as an excuse to change the date. It’s been just over 6 months since the last event, but we can only be happy that there is more dancing to watch this weekend! You’ll have to purchase a pass to watch it live. And catch some of the online classes they are offering. But if you have the patience, ILHC will be uploading all the routines onto their youtube channel after a week or so.
We’ll definitely be tuning in when we can, and hoping to place with our own virtual entries.

Video Feature

To get you excited for ILHC, check out our favourite video from last year.

Alice Mei and Remy Kouakou Kouame show us what smooth dancing really is in this amazing classic routine.

Rhythm Studio is dedicated to bringing you classes that you’ll love and enjoy. Have an idea or want something more? Feel free to shoot us a message, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. See you in the next class!



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