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Award-winning teachers with international experience.

All of our teachers have dedicated themselves to learning and sharing this dance. Devoting themselves to Dancing, Performing, Competing, and of course, Teaching. Learn a little bit more about them below.



Thomas has been dancing for over 10 years. Diving deep into the Lindy Hop experience. He has been teaching in Hong Kong with his partner Aurore, for the last 5 years. Sharing his knowledge and joy of dancing with students both in the classroom and on the social dance floor.

He loves finding new ideas in dancing and will shamelessly steal from other disciplines.

“Lindy Hop is like having a 3-minute conversation with your partner without saying a single word.”

Awards and Placements


Aurore has been dancing since 2013. Finding the joy, in this unique partner dance.

With many years of experience teaching in HK and competing internationally, she has found a unique approach to getting students on the dance floor.

For her, dancing is a journey with no ends, always striving to find the next big step to improvement.

“There are no mistakes in Lindy Hop, only new moves.”

Awards and Placements
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