Lindy Hop and Swing Dance

Classes for all ages

Lindy Hop is a dance of happiness and sharing. Based in Hong Kong, Rhythm Studio is committed to bringing this joy to as many people as possible. Offering a safe environment free of judgment where learning is led by fun, friendship, and music.

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Adult Classes

From absolute beginner to experienced veteran dancers. We’ve got you covered with our wide range of classes featuring both Partner and Solo dancing.

Our teachers are all award-winning dancers dedicated to exploring Lindy Hop’s history and its continued popularity a hundred years later.

Swing for Teens and Kids

We offer a full range of classes for most ages.

Rhythm games to get some dance fundamentals. Solo Authentic Jazz dancing for a slice of history. And partner classes for the full ‘Lindy Hop’ experience.

More classes coming soon…

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Social Dancing

Socials and Community events are run by our partner Hong Kong Swings. Check out their website for more info on how you can get dancing.

“There are two types of dancers – Those who get people to sit and watch. And those who inspire others to join in. ”

– Kay Chen

A Taste of Swing

During my learning with Aurore and Thomas, I have experienced their passion, work-ethic and patience. I always feel comfortable, even when I make mistakes, and their classes have a great positive atmosphere. It is without reservation that I fully recommend them for their abundant teaching experiences.

Thom and Lou taught me to dance since 2017. As teachers they are clear and consistent and motivating. As individuals they are both really encouraging and positive with a huge amount of patience and warmth about them. I love doing the performances with them not only because they make great choreographies but because they set a range of technical levels of moves meaning that all levels can join into the group performances – Thom and Aurore help make the dance very inclusive.