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Historic and Unique

Lindy Hop is a dance of happiness and sharing. Rhythm Studio is committed to bringing this joy to as many people as possible. Offering classes and socials led by fun, friendship, and music.


From absolute beginner to experienced veteran dancers, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of classes featuring both Partner and Solo Dancing.

Our teachers are award-winning dancers dedicated to exploring Lindy Hop’s history and culture a hundred years after the birth of this dance.

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Shows, choreography, and more with one, two, or a troupe of experienced dancers.


Tailor-made routines for any event, including your wedding dance!

Special Occasions and Corporate Events

Band, performances, and fun activities to get the party swinging.

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HKSF 2019 Trio 2 (1) (Cropped)

A combination of old and new, we were inspired to use cutting edge technology in AI Art and our own skills as dancers and Choreographers to create this piece. Every beat of the routine brings something new and fresh with both the dancing and the art, as we show the joy and fun of Swing Dancing through this unique lens.


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