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One of the most important things to wear as a dancer is proper footwear. But for Lindy Hop, it’s not as obvious as buying a pair of Ballet Flats or Tap Shoes. There are many options and styles out there for you to rock on the dance floor. This page is meant to give you just a few options on what you can wear. Note that some of these options contain affiliate links, but be rest assured that the RS team has tried and tested each piece of footwear personally.

As a general guide on what type of shoes to wear. You’ll want flexible shoes that you feel comfortable moving around in. The sole of the shoe should only have a little bit of grip, allowing you to spin when needed, but still preventing you from sliding across the floor.

Note that this page contains sponsored links, but the shoes have been personally tried and tested by us. We wouldn’t have them on the page if we didn’t love them.


One of our favourite dance trainers that seems to be the perfect amount of grip on any surface. We’ve definitely enjoyed spinning with these shoes while still having enough grip to pull off faster steps and aerials. Even on really fast floors. They have a limited selection in designs right now, but the technology is on point! One piece of advice if you’re thinking about going this option, consider going for the black or red colours if you care about having clean shoes. The white ones require cleaning on a weekly basis to keep them looking great.

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Harlem shoes offer another option for fancy footwear. Their selection is definitely for a more formal and vintage attire. With small scale manufacturing out of Istanbul, these shoes are high quality and sure to last, with nice hard leather soles – perfect for slides and spins.



A final option for those who don’t want to order online is to do it yourself. Laura Glaess on the Lindy project has a quick guide for glueing suede onto the bottom of any shoe of your choice.

However, if you don’t want to go to all that trouble, simply take your brand new shoes to any cobbler around Hong Kong. They will probably be able to help you out for a small fee. We like to use Shing Do Shoe Repair in Central, check out the link below.

Of course, using this route won’t be as high quality or long-lasting as any of the other professionally made shoes above. But you definitely can’t beat the choice of the DIY method.

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