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The music we love has roots going all the way back to the 1920s. Though the ‘Golden Age’ of swing was the 1940s. The specific genre is Swing Jazz and there are literally thousands upon thousands of songs that you can dance to.

Some of the big names that you should know about include Chick Webb, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Wallers, and the great Duke Ellington. But there are of course many more artists to check out.

The music of this Era has also lived on. Modern bands play both covers and brand new originals, capturing the spirit of the music. Some of our favourite bands include Gordon Webster, Naomi and Her Handsome Devils, Hot Sugar Band, The Rhythm Gamblers, and Jonathan Stout. But again, there are hundreds of bands all making and playing music for dancers like us.

Check out the Spotify playlist for an intro to Lindy Hop, perfect for practice or even just to listen to some great tunes.


If you want something a bit more random and flexible to your needs. Here is a great website for creating automated Spotify playlists. Allowing you to customize dancing style, speed and even DJ Tempo. It’s user curated so results may vary, but we’ve found it to be a helpful tool when we just need a quick playlist in a hurry.