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DISCOVER (Level 1)

For brand new dancers with no experience necessary. The Discover classes will equip you with the basics steps, rhythms and moves so you can start having fun on a social dance floor. The perfect place to start your dance journey with Rhythm Studio. Typically 1 month courses designed to get you on the social floor and dancing.

IMPROVE (Level 2)

Aimed at all dancers who are comfortable with the basic footwork, rhythm and moves taught in the Discover class. In this level, we will learn some new steps, sharpen the technique and improve your ability to connect with both your partner and the music. Students may spend multiple months at this level.

REFINE (Level 3)

A more advanced class for dancers who have been regularly on a social dance floor. Working on technique, momentum, connection, rhythm and musicality. Dancers attending this level should already feel confident with Swingouts, Charleston, and Solo Jazz.


These classes are all about fun and exploring new approaches to this dance or perhaps even learning a new dance entirely. For this level we recommend you to be comfortable with basic steps, although some classes might be open to new dancers.



Our classes are targeted at adults (16+). If you are younger than that and interested in learning Swing Dancing, please get in contact with us and we can arrange a class that is suitable for younger ages.


We offer both class cycles and workshops depending on the class material. We keep our classes small to ensure everyone gets some personal feedback during class. And just to make sure everyone is dancing as much as possible, check out our WAITLIST policy to ensure even class balance. (Except DANCETRINITY which uses a separate registration system).

Our DISCOVER cycles rotate dates each month. For example, you can take 2 months of classes with us on Monday’s to learn both Charleston and Lindy Hop before moving onto our IMPROVE level.

In our partnered classes, we rotate partners throughout the hour. So there is no need to come with a friend. However, if you do signup with a partner of the opposite role, you’ll get a 15% discount.


There are two roles in partner dancing. Leading and Following. Leaders will provide a frame for the dance, while Followers are free to fill in the gaps with their individual ideas. Followers can even suggest some of their own unique ideas to the dance, allowing two-way communication between the dancers.

You might be used to leaders being guys and followers being girls. But even historically, both genders have danced both roles. Lindy Hoppers today like to learn both sides of the dance. And we encourage students to learn both roles when they have the chance.


If you want to keep attending our IMPROVE classes while moving up to REFINE, you can enjoy the second class for just $500HKD allowing you to keep working on your basics while becoming an awesome dancer.


If you have taken our DISCOVER classes but don’t feel ready to move onto IMPROVE, you can retake the class in ANY role and enjoy a 25% discount. This is cumulative with our 15% partner discount. But you must have done the specific course (LINDY HOP/CHARLESTON). Let us know when you register to use this offer.






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