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Rhythm Studio aims to provide a safe and comfortable space for both learning and dancing together. We expect anyone participating in an event or class organized by us to follow common-sense rules for behaviour. In case of ambiguity, you can refer to the written text below for best practices.

Declaration of Safe Space

We are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religious beliefs. Harassment is strictly prohibited, in person or online. Sexual language, imagery, and invitations is not appropriate in any of our events. Anyone found to be harassing other participants may be sanctioned, expelled, or banned from Rhythm Studio events without refund and at the discretion of Rhythm Studio.

On the Dance Floor

Please do not offer unsolicited advice to fellow dancers, in class or on the social floor. If you are being hurt by your partner, you can let them know politely or ask RS to intervene.

Be aware of other dancers beyond just your partner. Both leads and follows are responsible for avoiding collisions with others. If you do accidentally hit someone, you should apologize and check on them before continuing to dance.

No air steps/aerials are allowed on the social floor. Any moment where either dancer’s feet leave the floor for anything more than a small hop is considered an aerial. On a dynamic social floor, the space where you are landing is not guaranteed to be free. If you have to ask yourself whether doing an aerial at any point is safe, then it’s not. Do not do aerials on the social floor.

Accidents happen. If you happen to kick or hit someone on the floor, check in with them and apologize. If someone is consistently dancing in a dangerous way, let the RS team know and we’ll deal with the situation.

You are allowed to say no to a dance at any time. And you should also accept when another dancer refuses you.

Please maintain personal hygiene. Brush your teeth, have a shower, And if you sweat a lot, bring a few spare shirts to change into. No one will judge you for sweating a bit, but it can be a bit gross.

Contact Us

If you feel uncomfortable or notice disturbing behaviour, please contact us, either in person or online. We also welcome feedback on how we can do better and what else can be included in this page.

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