Trickeration by Norma Miller

Solo Jazz

The Trickeration is a routine choreographed by the late Norma Miller. One of the OG Lindy Hoppers who helped shape this dance into what it is today.

It’s a line dance routine that is known by many Lindy Hoppers around the world. And can be a challenging piece to learn for its complexity of movement and complicated choreography. But it’s a worthwhile learn for any aspiring solo jazz dancer.

The Global Trickeration Project by ILHC

Norma Miller

Norma Miller herself was around during the early days of Lindy Hop. Starting dancing at just 12 years old, and winning the prestigious Harvest Moon Ball at only 16 years of age. She was part of the famous Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers performance troupe and can be seen in many films including A Day at the Races and Hellzapoppin’.

In the 1980s she helped to bring swing dancing to a more international audience, travelling the world to teach and spread her love of the dance. And while she passed in 2018, memory of her remains and her legacy will live on, through the people who danced with her and her ‘Trickeration’ Choreography.

It’s no wonder that she was also named the ‘Queen of Swing’.


A line dance for everyone, there is some supposition that this choreography was used as an audition to get into Norma Miller’s dance troupes. Similar to another routine called ‘The Stops’. But whether there is any truth to that is up for debate.

All we know is that this routine is both challenging and fun and a great dance to pull out on the social floor when you hear a song that gets you going.

Typically, the song is danced to “Jive at Five” by Count Basie. But any cover of the song will do. Letting you practice to both slow and fast tempos.

Below is our take on the Trickeration. On the right is the classic take of the routine. While on the left, is a soft shoe tap remix.

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