Rhythm Studio March Update


Rhythm Studio March Update

March is coming in just a few days, let’s remind you how to keep dancing!

Swing Music Workshop

Join us on the 7th of March to learn about the music we dance to. Talking about everything from the history to the structure of the music. We’ll have live musicians to help demonstrate everything we talk about and really nail what SWING MUSIC is all about. if you sign up for this workshop, you can enjoy a $100HKD discount on our upcoming EXPLORE Cycle.

Upcoming Classes

Our new DISCOVER courses are starting very soon. So make sure to sign up soon! This month’s IMPROVE cycle will be covering Charleston, getting those fancy shapes and Tandem Charleston nailed. And instead of REFINE, we’ll have an EXPLORE cycle this month as we DANCE musicality. Taking the skills we learnt in our 7th music workshop and bringing them onto the social floor. We’ll learn things like

– How to dance the end of the chorus
– Fancy Footwork to match the rhythm
– Dancing Slow and FAST
– Connecting with your partner and the music

Don’t miss out on this exciting new Cycle. And if you sign up for both IMPROVE and EXPLORE, you can get the second class for just $500HKD.

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Social Media and Calendar

In case you haven’t yet, make sure to join us on our WhatsApp Community to stay more up-to-date with what’s going on. And of course, follow us on Instagram for updates AND cool videos of what we’re doing.
And check out our CALENDER to find out about the next social that you can attend.

Video Feature: AJW2923 Team Short Showcase

A quick video from Team AJC out of Korea today as we see some beautiful team choreography.

Rhythm Studio is dedicated to bringing you classes that you’ll love and enjoy. Have an idea or want something more? Feel free to shoot us a message, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Swingout!

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